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      Five kinds of filter cartridges with strong foulin

      Cylinder filter units are most efficient and cost-effective in environments with pollution levels less than 100 ppm. For seriously polluted environment, the filter cartridge is usually used as the last layer of polishing filter.
      Filter cartridges are often used in water filtration, chemical filtration, beverage filtration, solvent filtration, compressed air filtration, cosmetics industry, alcohol industry and so on. Changwei can provide any modification or improvement to replace filter cartridge filters: the basic situation of special filter cartridge filters in the following parts.
      1. Wound filter cartridge: The cartridge is made of natural or synthetic code material. It can be used to filter sand, zoom, lime, rust and fine particles. Mainly used in drinking water, boilers, cleaning machines, pre-filtration technology in water treatment, seawater desalination, chemical processes. The filtration range is 0.5-150 microns and the length is 5-10-20-30-40 mm.
      2. Melt blown filter cartridge: pure polypropylene microfibers and hot melt adhesives made of single cordless material can prevent any fiber migration. The filter cartridge can be used to filter sand, lime, rust and fine particles.
      3. Activated carbon filter cartridge: material is polypropylene wool and net, or wash polypropylene yarn or polyester sensory filter media and granular activated carbon. Activated carbon filter cartridge can be used to remove color, odor, taste pollution, pesticides, chlorine and organic substances.
      4. Stainless steel cartridge filter: It is composed of stainless steel filter and polypropylene inner core, which can filter sand and rust.
      5. Pleated filter cartridge filter: Pleated polypropylene or stainless steel filter, polypropylene as the main material. It can be used in drinking water, boiler, cleaning machine, water pre-filtration pump, irrigation system, industrial facilities protection and so on.
      Above are five kinds of filter cartridges with strong fouling control ability, which are often produced in our company, but we are more professional in air filtration, such as air dust filter cartridge and powder recovery cartridge. Our products are very competitive. Welcome to inquire.

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