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      The predecessor of Wuhu Filter Woods Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is Yongsheng Plastic Products Factory, which was founded in 2001. After five years of rapid development, we invested in the expansion of the plant in Fangcun Industrial Park of Wuhu in 2006. The company was renamed Wuhu Yongsheng Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. From the beginning production of plastic fittings has been successfully transformed into a one-stop production and technology-oriented enterprise for processing filter fittings, processing, marketing and R & D of finished products. From the initial domestic trade, gradually to the overseas market development. The company has been exported to South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and so on, and has been unanimously recogn…


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      The company has long maintained good cooperative relations with major famous steel factories at home and abroad, and has become a partner of many famous steel factories, power plants and chemical plants in China; professional filter and filter element manufacturers refuse middleman price difference to ensure quality!
      The company has a strong team of technical engineers and business teams, you can go to the user site at any time for mapping, just one phone call from you! It can provide customized integrated services to meet customer needs in an all-round way.


      Application Principle of Several Bag Filters

      Principles of application of stainless steel bag filter, plastic bag filter, multi-bag filter, jacking open-die bag filter and side-entry stainless steel filter: Stainless steel bag filter has many advantages, such as simple structure, reasonable, good sealing, strong circulation ability, simple operation and so on. Especially the filter bag side leakage rate is small, which can accurately guarantee the filtering accuracy and quickly replace the filter ba…

      Dust removal cartridge is known as the father of d

        Dust removal cartridges are generally used to purify gases, such as controlling dust emissions to limit environmental pollution or restoring powders deliberately carried by gases. The filter cartridge will be used by different equipment in different occasions to collect dust. For example, in the coating equipment, the powder will be recycled to reuse, which can save energy and reduce emissions. At the same time, it plays an important role in en…

      Five kinds of filter cartridges with strong foulin

      Cylinder filter units are most efficient and cost-effective in environments with pollution levels less than 100 ppm. For seriously polluted environment, the filter cartridge is usually used as the last layer of polishing filter. Filter cartridges are often used in water filtration, chemical filtration, beverage filtration, solvent filtration, compressed air filtration, cosmetics industry, alcohol industry and so on. Changwei can provide any modification o…